Light Prototypes


One goal of the project is took keep the function of theDivRods “whimsical”, meaning that the way that it functions is not readily apparent on first inspection.  For the directional indicators and feedback lights, this means that we’d like them to be hidden until turned on.  Here are two example early prototypes that looked into methods for doing this.

The first prototype is made from a 3D printed shell using a translucent material.  The plastic shell design consists of a 2mm plastic wall and several screw bossess that allow the two halves to be joined together.  An Arduino with a strip Neopixel RGB addressable LED’s acts as the internal light source:


The second prototype was machined from a solid block of birch to house the electronics.  A acrylic lens was laser cut to provide a light spreading medium for each LED.  The lights shine through a thin wood veneer cover giving the impression that the prototype is just an inanimate block of wood when inactive.



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