DivRod Feedback Loops

We’re experimenting with different ideas around orientation and user feedback loops in the Divining Rod project.  One idea we’re looking at gives the user more agency in the process and introduces a ‘treasure hunt’ excitement.  With this idea the Divining Rod will lead the user to a particular gallery in Mia, once the user reaches the correct gallery the Divining Rod will glow a distinct color, this color will correspond to a tag mounted next to a piece of art, the user will search for the correct color tag, scan the tag and tell the Divining Rod if they like or do not like the piece of art.  This system solves a lot of potential issues for the project:

  1. The resolution of the wifi positioning system is only 1-1.5 meters, but much of the art is located in closer proximity than this positioning resolution. Giving the user the task of locating the specific piece of art, alleviates the wifi positioning task of the DivRod.
  2. The visual cue of the color coordinated tag allows the project to work with a sub-selection of the art on the third floor of Mia.  If we did not have this visual cue, we would have to tag hundreds of pieces of art or limit the project to a smaller section of the 3rd floor, which would be antithetical to the ‘augmented wandering’ this project aims to achieve.

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